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Advances in Design Sciences and Technology  


ISBN 2-909285-21-9, 290 Pages - Prix 55 Euros


This book is a collection of papers related to the advances in design sciences and technology presented during EuropIA'8. The complementary volume to this book contains papers on the advances in building informatics.

Table of Contents


Rèza Beheshti

Applications of imaging technologies in experimental geotechnics
Henderikus G.B. Allersma

Multi-resolutional knowledge representation .
Özer Ciftcioglu, Sanja Durmisevic and Sevil Sariyildiz

Multi-resolutional information fusion for building technology .
Özer Ciftcioglu, Sanja Durmisevic and Sevil Sariyildiz

Artificial intelligence and multi-resolutional knowledge modelling
Özer Ciftcioglu, Sanja Durmisevic and Sevil Sariyildiz

Knowledge modelling by artificial intelligence for underground space environment
Sanja Durmisevic, Özer Ciftcioglu and Sevil Sariyildiz

Uncertainty and risk in open design .
Lex van Gunsteren

The design framework for the Edutainment Environment .
Hanafizan Hussain and Ahmad Rafi M. Eshaq

The quality of the residential environment on man-made islands in Osaka Bay - The Effects of the View from the Dwelling Units on Residents' Satisfaction - .
Israel Ziv Kfir, Junzo Munemoto, Oussouby Sacko and Yasushi Kawasaki

Rainfall-Runoff Simulation with Neural Network and Enlarged Data Set
Soon Thiam Khu, Peter Van der Veer and Shie-Yui Liong

Representation control: Grammar and syntax checking in a structured representation
Alexander Koutamanis

Evaluating structures of connections
Willeke Kribbe

Learning to design in architecture: a combination of problem solving and creativity .
Wendelien Lans

Choosing technological solutions of waste water sewerage : A methodological tool based on expert systems and multi-criteria analysis .
Jérôme Le Gouevec and Olivier Blanpain

Application of artificial neural networks for flood forecasting
Demetris F. Lekkas, Christian Onof, Matthew J. Lees and Evangelos A. Baltas

3D highway route-planning system on the virtual terrain by aerial photographs
Koji Makanae

A review and demonstration of methods of uncertainty analysis in numerical environmental modelling .
Neil McIntyre, Matthew Lees and Howard Wheater

Optimec: A seasonal furrow irrigation model based on genetic algorithms .
Pilar Montesinos, Emilio Camacho and Serafín Alvarez

The sensational Time Machine: An exploration into the phenomenon of changes in perceived time through architectural experience .
Luke Olsen and Stephen Gage

Image segmentation through likelihood-based classification: Concepts and applications
Ali Sharifi and Ali-Akbar Abkar

Designing and Deciding in the Deltametropool: DeltaM - A DSS for Individual Opinion Forming about Spatial Interventions .
Alexandra Tisma

Using Ansys to conduct virtual prototyping in the graduate work of architectural engineering students
Fred Veer, Peter van Swieten, Gerrie Hobbelman and Jan van der Woord

Dynamic parameter identifiability analysis of a solute transport model
Thorsten Wagener, Luis A. Camacho, Matthew J. Lees, Howard S. Wheater

Displaces in space for developments in digital environments .
Rusen Yamacli

Prerequisites for and influences of advanced technologies on designing the built environment .
Sevil Sariyildiz and Rèza Beheshti


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