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Advances in Building Informatics 


ISBN 2-909285-20-0, 240 Pages - Prix 55 Euros


This book is a collection of papers related to the advances of building informatics, presented during the conference EuropIA'8. The complementary volume to this book contains papers on the advances in design sciences and technology

Table of Contents


Rèza Beheshti

Design and building informatics research
Rèza Beheshti and Frits Tolman

New approach to measure and control the productivity on building site
Emad Al Abo Omar and Jean-Claude Mangin

Automated space planning with global constraints and variable number of use-areas .
Can A. Baykan

Automatic description and classification of forms for a new approach to assisting the architectural design
Abdelkader Ben Saci

Complex early design inquiries via intelligent design agents
Rohini Brahme and Ardeshir Mahdavi

Life Cycle Support over the Internet using Virtual Reality and Product Data Technology
Edwin Dado, Saban Özsariyildiz, Hans Schevers and Frits Tolman

Design simulation of indoor climate
Peter Den Hartog, Alexander Koutamanis and Peter Luscuere

The object model at the core of the IDEA+ design environment
Ann Hendricx and Herman Neuckermans

An analytical procedure to design stable structures .
Wim Kamerling

A Proposition for Intelligent CAD: Using the example of GIS topology to build architectural typology in CAD
Tarek Kazzaz

Toward 'self-aware' buildings
Ardeshir Mahdavi, Rohini Brahme, Stephen Lee and Kristie Mertz

Distributed multi-disciplinary building performance computing
Ardeshir Mahdavi

Towards engaged learning in Virtual Design Studios
Michael Mullins and Tadeja Zupancic Strojan

Information Technology for Virtual Enterprises
Meta- visualisations of document-structures
Benjamin Stäger and Maia Engeli

Flexibility and dynamism in digital design representations
Rudi Stouffs and Ramesh Krishnamurti

Document decomposition by content as a means for structuring building project information
Bige Tunçer, Rudi Stouffs and Sevil Sariyildiz

Completing the Incomplete: Exercises for spatial configuration and morphology
Joseph Francis Wong

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