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EuropIA.11: Digital Thinking



City Temporalities


Edited by :
Patrizia Laoudati & Khaldoun Zreik

ISBN 979-10-90094-22-2
180 pages - 35€
© 2016 Europia Productions

Nowadays, and since the last twenty years, an increasing number of European cities develop and implement city time policies whose objective is twofold: Design a planning "of time" that organizes the mobility flow; Coordinate schedule accessibility to the offered services. Beyond the functional aspects (better accessibility and organization of public services), the city times include other dimensions, much more complex, linking the individual to society and territory. This collection of contributions around the theme: "The temporality of the city," is thus interested in the polysemic notion of temporality and it asks pluralistic and multidisciplinary approaches to the sense that this concept takes in the urban space. Temporality of the city is not only the result of a historical sedimentation, but it relates to both the fabric of the city, its design and production, and urban practices: the city thought, designed, built, lived, used ... by the various stakeholders.


Introduction. Patrizia Laudati and Khaldoun Zreik

Urban time between memory and waiting. Antonella Cortesi and Renzo Marzocchi

Letting the non-existent city be seen. A confrontation of two case-studies on the utopic

dimension of urban space. Lydie Lenne and Damien Vanneste

Urban rites : time and identities catalysts of the city. Patrizia Laudati and Pascal Lardellier

The urbane times of free parties. Practices and movement in space. Aurélie Chene-Giraux

Toward an augmented writing of urban temporalities. Jean Magerand, Claire Bailly and Mei Menassel

Digital monads for a spatio-temporal modeling of urban humanities. Samuel Szoniecky, Arnaud Laborderie and Imad Saleh

Sharing street: Composing multiple uses times and spaces in the today communication phase of

urban evolution. Elisabeth Mortamais

The photographic experience of the city in the era of smartphones : being and acting in a hybrid space-time. Gabriel Bursztyn, Roberto Bartolo and Khaldoun Zreik

Les chemins de la culture, Bourg en Bresse. For a hypermedia landscape. Marc Veyrat and Franck Soudan

Journey through digital time of the city. Ghislaine Chabert and Carole Brandon

Twisted spaces, physiological arousal and the urban Uncanny. Alan Dunning and Paul Woodrow

Chronotopic exploration of a parisian landscape. Alain Guez, Alessia De Biase, Federica Gatta and Piero Zanini

Creating Distinctive Open Spaces in Historic Environment to Achieve Temporality of Urban Form. Dimitra Babalis

Rhytms and temporalities of city usage generated by mobility. Thomas Waroux

Innovative urban temporalities: conceptive and generative temporal regimes. Dominique Laousse and Sophie Hooge

'It's time to move!' – Mobility as a measure for constructing a hybrid city. Lilyana Valentinova Petrova

The architecture of relations. Antonio Capestro


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