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Of Lebanese origins, Walid El Masri was born in Damascus, Syria in 1979
He received a certificate in Mosaics profession in 2001 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (Damascus, Syria) in 2005.

El Masri attended the Summer Academy with established Syrian artist Marwan Kasab Bashi at Darat Al-Funun (Amman, Jordan) in 2003. He also participated in various workshops including:
"Damascus Photography Days" event, at the French Cultural Center (Damascus, Syria) in 2007.
"Discovering Modern Art" workshop (Paris, France) in 2005.
"The Colors of Damascus" workshop (Damascus, Syria) in 2005.
Workshop with the artist Ziad Dallol at Darat Al-Funun (Amman, Jordan) in 2005.
Workshop with the German artist Francesco Fendlez (Damascus, Syria) in 2004.
Workshop with the French Artist Pierre Balas (Damascus, Syria) in 2004.

Solo exhibitions:
2013: Ayyam Gallery Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
2013: Ayyam Gallery Beirut, Lebanon
2012: Ayyam Gallery Dubai (DIFC), United Arab Emirates
2009: Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair, China
2009: Art Hong Kong Art Fair, China
2009: Ayyam Gallery Dubai (Al Quoz), United Arab Emirates
2008: Ayyam Gallery Damascus, Syria
2007: The Syrian Cultural Center in Paris, France
2006: The French Cultural Center in Damascus, Syria

He participated in many collective exhibitions in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Rome, Barcelona, Tehran, Istanbul and USA.
Walid El Masri lives and works in Paris. He is represented by Ayyam Gallery since 2007.



Walid El Masri


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