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Archiving and Questioning Immateriality

Proceedings of the 5th Computer Art Congress [CAC.5]
Edited by

Everardo Reyes-Garcia, Pierre Chatel-Innocenti & Khaldoun Zreik

ISBN 979-10-90094-23-9 / Price 35 euros (260 pages format A5 | 15x21)
© 2016 europia Productions, all rights reserved

This book suggests selected papers presented at the 5th Computer Art Congress: Archiving and Questioning Immateriality. It is interested in reflecting on the artwork as a material object, but also as a complex processes that surround a work of art. The artwork is regarded from the emotional and intellectual effects that it triggers. Contributions were focused on “How should we deal with artworks by taking into account their multidimensional nature: temporal, spatial, communicational, ..? Such entry points have raised problematic issues demanding to interrogate the “Material” supports that give form to an artwork as well as the archival methods and  the remix and re-cataloging appropriations

Table of contents
Presentation — 9
Committees — 11
Art and materiality in post-media practice: toward an ontology of digital and its devices
Alessio Chierico — 15
OPTICKS, space travel and visual moonbounce
Daniela de Paulis — 34
Patterns of materiality/immateriality: dialectics in epistemology under the new scientific paradigm
Gabriel Pareyon — 57
Your Boy is You: new media art as a critical analysis of biometric surveillance
Maciej O?óg — 71
A personal media art archive based on the symbol of the fly
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau — 87
Using images to analyze images. Semiotics meets Cultural Analytics
Maria Giulia Dondero — 91
Art and data: the aesthetic emergence of knowledge
Sandra Álvaro Sánchez — 108
Letting images speak for themselves
Pilar Rosado, Eva Figueras & Ferran Reverter — 126
Materializing depth in Gravicells: the potential of twenty-first-century media
Jung E. Choi — 138
What we talk about when we talk about online cultures
Annet Dekker — 147
Preserving born digital art : lessons from artists' practice
Conor McGarrigle — 164
At angle C: instability poetics. Participation aesthetics through the work of Julio. Le Parc and the Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel (GRAV)
Andrea Sosa — 182
Konrad Zuse: enabler of computational arts?
Andrés Burbano & Esteban García Bravo — 190
The Latin American digital heritage: methods of digital art archive construction and the retrieval of immateriality
Reynaldo Thompson, Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay & Frank Dufour — 204
Archiving, emulating and documenting the collection of CD-ROM artworks of LIMA, Amsterdam
Alexandre Michaan & Nina van Doren — 222
Vis. [Un]necessary force
Luz María Sánchez — 240
Composing the future
Melanie Hundley & Teri Holbrook — 260
Memory’s death… or the desire of immortality
Ricardo Dal Farra — 269
Beyond place: monuments and museums after the intangible turn
Shelley Hornstein — 277
Imagining spatially in Computer-Based Art
Gemma ArgŁello Manresa — 286
Mirages de Ville
Gerry Kisil & Alan Dunning — 297
Quick and easy recipes for disaster
Thomas Storey — 319
Franck Soudan & Marc Veyrat — 336
We Bees: an immersive telematic object from project S.H.A.S.T.
Maria Luiza (Malu) Fragoso — 353
The expanding artwork
Luba Diduch — 366
Movement Systems from Motion Capture Data
A. Bill Miller & Jeremy Behreandt — 377
Effects of immediacy on the perception of interactive art
Kevin S Badni — 385
Central floorplans and digital strategies
Federico Garrido — 405
Projected illusions: space, light, and coordinates
Andrea Sosa — 419
Art Exhibition
Mirages de Ville – First Words Last Acts
Alan Dunning — 430
Dimensioning n.1 – from live architectures a VR experience thru google cardboard, 2016
Chiara Passa — 434
24 Hour Social
Conor McGarrigle — 437
What do we know of time when all we can know for real is now?
Daniel Buzzo — 439
Transferring female reproductive labor and ephemeral and domestic forms of writing into the Archive: Remediating Mamá Pina’s Cookbook
Gabriela Aceves Sepúlveda — 443
Joana Moll — 449
Naoyuki Tanaka — 452
“T[he]Issue”: a geospatial and mixed-locative colonisation document
Mez Breeze — 454
Paul Magee — 456
Paul Magee — 457
Ricardo Dal Farra — 458
Composting the net (2012)
Shu Lea Cheang — 462

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