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Guevara Namer

A Syrian photographer and documentary filmmaker based in Berlin. She is a graduate of the Damascus Applied Arts Institute as a certified photographer and did Drama Studies at the Higher Institute Dramatic Arts in Damascus. Guevara was selected for an art residency in Tapís De La Fundacio, Barcelona 2017 Susan Meiselas exhibition and was for Photography and Social Justice Fellows 2018m, Magnum Foundation. Her film “Morning Fears, Night Chants” premiered at IDFA (2012) and was broadcasted on Al Arabiya and ARTE (2013) and worked as line producer of several Syrian documentary films.


Thinking about all of those who never talk about what happened, those who even believed that it was their own decision but they never had a chance to go beyond the question it self. Do you easily imagine the feeling of a human been inside you? your body? Do really think that all “female” has the same ability of the imagination by default? I wish I had it, it might be a unique empathy experience ..

Guavara Namer

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--Empathy Portraits


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