1. Registration Details and Fee


AUTHORS: Conference Publication Fee for each accepted paper is €400 (until 15th January 2009). This entitles one author to attend the conference. Please note that all papers that are not registered and paid by 15th January 2009 will be excluded from presentation at the conference and will not appear in the proceedings.


Co-authors and members of the Scientific Committee: The Registration Fee for co-authors of accepted papers as well as members of EuropIA12 Scientific Committee is €400 (until 15th February 2009).


VISITORS: Early registration is €500 (until 15th February 2009) and late registration is €600 (after 15th February 2009). Registration closes on March 18, 2009.


PHD STUDENTS: The conference registration fee for ‘None Author Full-time PhD students’ is €200 (until 15th February 2009). A formal letter of status from your institution is required.


The registration fee includes admission to all conference sessions, the conference proceedings, refreshments during breaks (exclusive accommodation, lunch and dinner).


2. Payment

Payment to be sent in Euros via Banker's Draft. Please ensure that your bank covers any transfer charges. Please make checks payable to S.O.O.N. [Design Research Foundation]:



Zomereik 38

2498 AH The Hague

The Netherlands.


Bank account details:

Bank Account Number: 3582.31.663 / RABOBANK Delft, The Netherlands

IBANCODE: NL25RABO0358231663

Swift code: RABONL2U


Please complete the Registration Form when registering for the conference. Save this pdf file with your name and send it to: eia12@europia.org

Please, click for downloading the Registration Form.

Status of the Payment:

    Paper Registration €400 [until 15th January 2009]

    Co-author Registration €400 [until 15th February 2009]

    Scientific Committee Registration €400 [until 15th February 2009]

    Visitor Registration €500 [until 15th February 2009]

    Full-time PhD Student Registration €200 [until 15th February 2009]

o         A Student Registration is ONLY for none author full-time PhD students.

o         A Student Registration is only valid when accompanied by a formal letter of status from your institution.

o         A Student Registration after this date is not possible.

    Late Registration €600 [after 15th February 2009]

o         Registration closes on March 18, 2009.