Authors’ Instructions

All papers received are subject to review. All reviewed and accepted papers have to be resubmitted, implementing reviewers and editors comments or suggestions. Only accepted papers will be considered for publication in the proceedings of the EuropIA12 International Conference. Please note that there is a publication fee for each accepted paper that has to be paid by 15th January 2009 in order to be included in the proceedings. Also the final version of the paper includes a completed Copyrights Transfer Form.


The first page of the paper must contain the full title of the paper as well as the name, affiliation, postal address, telephone, fax and email of each author. Please indicate who the corresponding author is that to whom all communication will be directed.


The second page should contain the full title of the paper, the sub-title (if any), an abstract of 150 to 250 words summarizing the content of the paper and 3-5 keywords for the purpose of indexing. Maximum length of a long paper is 6000 words (2000 words for short papers). The use of Footnotes is discouraged. Where appropriate give information for the Endnotes between double square brackets (such as full bibliographic reference, page numbers, remarks and notes). All Endnotes will be numbered consecutively.


The paper will be written in English (UK Dictionary is preferred). It will be double-spaced with 30 mm margins on all sides (paper size A4). Use Times New Roman for the main body of text (size 10), figures (size 8) or tables (size 8). The use of Bold, Italics, ALL CAPS, SMALL CAPS, etc. is discouraged. All chapters should be numbered consecutively (more than one level sub-headings are discouraged). All Figures and Tables with their respective captions should be numbered consecutively. They should each, be placed on a separate page, at the end of the paper. All figures, tables and equations should be mentioned in the body of text. Give an approximate insertion point for figures and tables, between double square brackets (e.g. [[insert Figure 5]] or [[insert Table 2]]). You will be asked to resubmit your drawings if necessary. Do not layout your paper. Do not use any styles or any automatic layout system.

All Tables should be referred to in the text as Table 1, Table 2, etc. All Figures should be referred to in the text as Figure 1, Figure 2, etc. Line drawings should be of good quality. Use light background if possible (white is preferred). Authors should prepare high quality figures. Maximum width and height of a figure are respectively 115 mm and 190 mm. Maximum width and height of a table are respectively 115 mm (150 mm if absolutely necessary) and 170 mm. All Equations will be numbered consecutively and should be mentioned in the text.


Use Harvard system of reference. References are collected at the end of the paper, arranged in alphabetical order (Bibliography section) by the first author's surname, followed by initials. Separate two authors by an & sign. Name all authors. Dates will appear between brackets after the authors' name(s). This is followed by the title of the book, name of the publisher, place of publication and page numbers (if applicable). Give volume and issue numbers for journal publications (for instance 12:4, pp. 35-46).

Submit papers as a MS Word file (PC or Macintosh RTF) to:


Upon acceptance of a paper, author(s) will be asked to complete, sign and return a Copyrights Transfer Form to the publisher. This copyrights transfer assignment will ensure the widest possible dissemination of information. Papers accepted for publication in the proceedings cannot be published elsewhere, in any form (digital, paper-based or otherwise) without a prior written permission from the publisher.


The author(s) are responsible for obtaining permission to utilize any copyrighted material. For more details about this subject, please contact the publisher at an early stage.


Please, click to download pdf version of the instructions.